● Search for similar technical solutions in national and / or international patent databases and minimization of risks when obtaining a patent
● Drawing up applications for a patent to an invention and / or utility model
● Legal support of appeals against registration of patents to inventions and or utility models
● Full support of the procedure for filing international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), including national and regional stages
● Representation in opposition and appeal process
● Legal support of the objection procedure in case of refusal to register patents
● Monitoring of obtaining patents to inventions / utility models by competitors
● State registration of the transfer of rights to an invention / utility model
● Development and state registration of license agreements for the use of inventions / utility models (license agreements)
● Representation in court in cases of invalidation of a patent for an invention and utility model
● Representation in court in cases of violation of the rights to an invention and / or utility model
● Organization and management of your intellectual property rights portfolio
● Tax advice
● Monitoring and payment of renewal and annuity fees for your intellectual property rights
● Patent translations
● Legal audit of intellectual property rights, Research on Freedom to Operate (FTO)